Here at American K9 Country we are open 365 days a year for pick up & drop off of pets. We feel that boarding should be as stress free as possible, that’s why we recommend you bring some of your pet’s favorite items from home to make his suite comforting and familiar. Some of the best items to bring are: his or her favorite treats, chewy toys, a pillow case or blanket that smells like home and any other items you feel your pet will enjoy having in their suite. Chew bones, raw bones & canine puzzle toys are wonderful items that will help your pet feel more at home while you are away. Pet boarding is all inclusive here at AK9C. By this we mean that any medicating and/or special instructions that your pet may require IS included in the standard boarding fee. If you would rather bring your own food we will accommodate ANY and all instructions that you provide. Raw, homemade & homeopathic diets are always welcomed here at Ak9C. Your pet WILL receive the same loving care at our facility as he/she does at home!





  • On site 24hr Care
  • The area’s LARGEST kennels!! 18 feet long X 4′, 5′ , 8’widths
  • All night usage of semi-outdoor Potty Runs
  • All our kennels are Secure & Private!
  • NO nose-to-nose contact with strange dogs.
  • Fully climate controlled, Heat & Air Conditioning
  • Air exchange unit to help prevent airborne pathogens
  • Radiant Heated floors! Keep those paws warm!
  • Your CHOICE of bed type!
  • Comfy Elevated Kuranda beds
  • Fleece Pads
  • Fluffy Comforters
  • Soothing Music throughout our kennel
  • On site 24-hour care with Frequent late night checks
  • Continuous health monitoring by an ON-STAFF Veterinary Technician
  • Three 30-minute Private play times every day in one of our BIG play yard
  • Feedings tailored to YOUR dog’s needs
  • Raw, Homeopathic or Homemade diets Always Welcome
  • Our guests are fed only the very best! Wellness brand dog food of YOUR choice:
    • Chicken & Barley Dry Food
    • Whitefish & Sweet Potato Dry Food
  • Beef, Lamb, Chicken Canned food also available
  • Any medicating at NO extra cost!!
  • Endless fresh water
  • Bedtime cookie or a **KONG filled with your choice of:  Peanut butter & or Cookies
  • All breeds, ages & dispositions ALWAYS welcome!

**Kongs may be purchased from our retail store or You may provide one for us to fill.


$26.00 per day- All Inclusive K9 Standard Luxury Suites
Includes all of our K9 Luxury Amenities listed above
$19.00 per day- Second dog, same suite
$17.00 per day- Third dog, same suite

$35.00 per day- All Inclusive Stay & Play Package
$34.00 per day- Super Sized Suites (One dog)
$58.00 per day- Peek-a-boo Pal Package (TWO dogs)
$62.00 per day- Pudgy-Pup Package

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Stay & Play Package  +$9.00/day
While staying at AK9C, your pet can enjoy a total vacation package of HIS OWN!! Your pet will spend his entire day* in our Doggie Daycare area and only retire to his kennel suite at night! While fully supervised, dogs are free to roam in and out of the building and play with their doggie friends from 6:30am -5pm in one of our 1/2 acre play yards with tunnels, pools and ball chasing. Rest assured that your dog is having a great time!  *Note: Doggie Daycare is offered Monday through Sunday.  Click here to see them on the Doggie Daycare Live Webcam.

Pup-A-Ratzi Package  +$20.00/stay
Want to see what a good time you dog had while you were away? With the Pup-A-Ratzi Package your pooch will be treated like a celebrity during some of his daily activities. Upon pick up you will receive a personalized photo album filled with photos of your pooch’s vacation activities! *Note your dog MUST board for at least 7 days to utilize this package*

Super Sized Suites
AK9C offers extra Large kennel suites for the multi-dog family. These suites are 5′ wide & 18′ long. They have ample room for any large pooch family. Super Size Kennels cost $8.00/Day in addition to the standard boarding rate of $26/day. Additional dogs in the same suite: Second additional dog $19.00/day all other dogs $17.00/day.

Smarty Pants Package
Does your dog need an education while you vacation? Ak9C offers training sessions tailored to you & your pooch’s needs. Our professional trainer, works individually with you & your dog to get you the results you need. Call to speak with Ann Tremblay our private trainer for rates & availability. *Price based of individual training needs

Peek-A-Boo Pal Package +$6.00/day
You dogs will be comforted by seeing familiar face in the suite next door! These peek-a-boo panels are available in 2 styles: a clear viewing window or a nuzzle screen which allows the dogs to both sniff & see each other. Or we can remove the panels all together, allowing your dogs DOUBLE the room of our standard kennels. $6.00/day *in addition to standard kennel rates

Pudgy Pup Package +$36.00/day
Is you pooch a bit overweight? Let us help you get your pup fit & trim while you’re away! Your pooch will be fed Lite Wellness Super Mix 5, have a DAILY 25 minute treadmill workout & enjoy the great calorie burning benefits of doggie daycare each day. Let us help you get a head start on your pup’s healthy new weight! (Includes Doggy Daycare & 25 minute treadmill session)


Spa Treatments:

  • $20.00- Reiki Session with Ann(20 min)
  • $30.00- Massage Therapy Session with Kayla (25 min)
  • $28.00- Bath & Blow Dry
  • $10.00- Toe Nail Trim
  • $16.00- Nail Grinding
  • $10.00 Teeth Brushing
  • $10.00- Ear Cleaning
Additional Services such as: foot soaking,  Bandage changing, etc available upon request for an additional fee* See Amber for details
Exercise Enhancers:
 –K9 Fitness Workout Session 30 minutes (land treadmill) $25.00
Package Deal: (3) 30 minute Land Treadmill sessions $60.00

K9 Hydro Fitness Workout Session 30 minutes (AquaPaws Water Treadmill) $50.00

Package Deal: (3) 30 minute AquaPaws Water Treadmill sessions $100.00

Pool Playtime (30min session) $10.00

Package Deal: (11) 30 minute Pool Playtimes $100.00
See our K9 Aquatic Center Page for more information about the exciting new addition of this center

NOTE: All guests will have one-on-one staff supervision during his/her pool or workout session. Plus they will blow dried at the completion of each session when needed. You will receive a report card/status report after each “Fitness Workout” session.

Wooded Nature Walk (20-30min) $10.00
Dog Park Play Time (20-30min) $10.00
Extra Turnout Time in a private Yard (45min) $6.00

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  • Vaccines: All dogs must be current on Rabies, DHLP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis,  Parvovirus), and Bordetella (kennel cough) Vaccines
  • *Written Veterinary validation required- these may be faxed directly to us from your vet (fax: 603-672-8470), emailed to us ( or please bring them with you at drop off.
  • * Titers are allowed for Distemper
  • Health: Any pet entering the AK9C facility MUST be free of external & internal parasites, use of MONTHLY Topical or Oral Flea/Tick preventative (Frontline, Vectra, Trifexis or Advantix) IS MANDATORY &  a fecal exam every other year is recommended. Flea/Tick Collars are NOT allowed. Any pet found to have fleas while in our care (doggie daycare or boarding) shall be immediately bathed with flea shampoo (at owner’s cost) & then quarantined until the owner can pick-up. Upon pick up, the pet owner will be charged a Parasite fee of $75.00- This fee covers the flea bath & disinfection of all facility areas their pet came in contact with that now must be flea treated. If a pet is found to have parasitic worms (tape, round, hook, giardia etc), that pet shall be immediately quarantined & the pet owner must pickup their pet immediately. Upon pick up, a Parasite Fee of $75.00 shall be charged to the pet owner for disinfection of all facility areas their pet came in contact with that now must be parasite treated. A negative fecal test MUST be presented to Ak9C PRIOR to that animal coming back to our facility.
  • Check In/Out: We offer extended hours for your convenience! In doing such, your pet is charged for the day of drop off regardless of drop off time. 9:00am is Check-Out time. If your pet is picked up before 9:00 am then they will not incur a charge for the day of pick up.
  • Express Checkout: If your dog is participating daycare while they are boarded & you would like them to be in Doggie Daycare on their last day of their stay, you can elect for the “Express Checkout” Discount. To get this discount, you MUST call prior to 9am on your dog’s day of departure & request to have your dog checked out into Doggie Daycare, at this time we will bill your credit card & have your receipt ready when you pick up. This discount allows you to be charged just for a day of doggie daycare ($20) rather than the boarding rate ($35). So why do we require you to call?  This ensures that you truly will be able to pick up your dog on the designated day, therefore allowing  us to clean & resell your dog’s boarding kennel for that day. Many clients have the best intentions to pick up their pet on any given day, but traffic, flight changes & other unforeseen circumstances can cause delays. By us requiring a call, it confirms to us that your pet will not require an additional night of boarding.
  • FOOD/Treats: You are welcome to bring your pet’s own food & treats from home, BUT please ONLY bring what your pet will need while they are here. We DO NOT give excess food & treats back. We do NOT accept large bags or bins of food. Only reseal-able gallon size Ziploc bags or reseal-able individually portioned meals will be accepted.
  • Half days are not pro-rated for pets that are being boarded
  • Emergency Care: We require a Mastercard or Visa on file for ALL boarding & Daycare animals for emergency care purposes. All emergency care WILL be billed to this card.
  • Age: Any pet over the age of 13 years old, must come in for a FREE initial consultation PRIOR to boarding. We will refuse any pet that we feel is too aged or ill to board.
  • Holidays: Although we are open 365 days a year, we do have LIMITED pick up & drop off hours on holidays. For a list of these restricted hours, please visit our News/Events Page or see below. If you wish to pick up or drop off a pet on the actual “holiday” (see list below) there will be an additional Holiday Fee of $35.00 per pet.  “Holidays” consist of: New Year’s Eve 9am-12pm, New Year’s Day 4pm-5pm, Memorial Day 9am-12pm, Easter Sunday 9am-12pm, July 4th 9am-12pm, Labor Day 9am-12pm, Thanksgiving Day 9am-10am, Christmas Eve 9am-12pm & Christmas Day 9am-10am.
  • Cancellation Policy: There will be a $75.00/pet cancellation fee for any reservation that is cancelled with less than 48hrs notice of the original reservation drop off date. With the EXCEPTION of Holidays (see list above) & School vacation weeks: During these times there is no grace period. Any & ALL reservation cancellations made for a holiday or during a school vacation will be assessed a $75.00/pet fee for any cancellations.
  • Please Do NOT bring:Bowls, Measuring Scoops, Glass of any kind or any bedding with Feathers, Down or Bean Bag type Styrofoam stuffing
  • Personal items: MUST be small enough to be laundered without removing the cover this includes beds. NOTE: NO STUFFED BEDS of any kind please.
  • When adding K9 Fitness Center & Pool Amenities to your pet’s stay, please be sure to read our “K9 Aquatic Center Rules” on the K9 Aquatic Center Page


How does Ak9C deal with Power Outages?
American K9 Country is fortunate to have a monster of a generator that can power our ENTIRE facility with Heat, A/C, Hot & Cold water & ALL lights required to run our facility as “normal”.  We do however loose phone lines off and on, so some credit card processing may be limited. But rest assured, your pets are warm & cozy even when your power is out at home! We are ALWAYS willing to help out when you need a last minute emergency place to board your pet so if our phones are down, just stop by & we will do our best to help out.
During storms & power outages up to the hour updates can be found on our Facebook page.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Check, Mastercard or Visa

Can I bring my pet’s own food for boarding?
Of course, as long as it is in reseal-able Ziploc bags either gallon or proportioned per meal…We do NOT give excess food back so please only bring what your pet will need during their stay.
The only thing we do not accept is bowls or glass of anykind.
You may bring anything else that you feel will make your dog more comfortable for its doggie vacation.

How soon should I book for dog boarding?
As soon as you know when you will be going away make your reservation. We tend to book for holidays & school vacations 4-6 months in advance. Weekends in the summer months tend to book 1-2 months in advance. Any other times, a couple of weeks to a month in advance should be sufficient.

What is your cancellation policy for boarding?
There will be a $75.00/pet cancellation fee for any reservation that is cancelled with less than 48hrs notice of the original reservation drop off date. *With the EXCEPTION of Holidays & School vacation weeks: During these times there is no grace period. Any & ALL reservation cancellations made for a holiday or during a school vacation will be assessed a $75.00/pet fee for any cancellations.

Are there any AGE restrictions to board a pet?
Puppies & Kittens must be at least 8 weeks of age per the NH state law. Unfortunately we do not board pets over the age of 13 for their own safety.

I give all my own Vaccines to my dog. Is this sufficient? No, I’m sorry but we require all vaccines to be given by a liscensed veterinarian. Written veterinary validation is required for Kennel Cough, Distemper & Rabies.

What if my dog is not friendly with other dogs, Can he still board?
Yes, your pup is still welcome. He will be let out on his own to play without the company of other dogs.

Do you board un neutered or un spayed animals?
Yes, these pets will just be kept separate from other pets.

Can my dog play in the Pool while he is boarding?

YES!! we offer pool playtime sessions for your dog during their stay! Check out our K9 Aquatic Center Page