At American K9 Country we take great pride in our unique Doggie Daycare center. Unlike other daycare facilities, American K9 Country encourages socialization and play ALL day with no forced nap times. We want your dog to go home tired after a fun filled day of excitement in our safe, controlled environment. Dogs are continuously monitored under the watchful eyes of excellently trained staff to ensure proper play behaviors. You can take a peak at your pup on one of our three webcams to see for yourself how much pooch is loving their day at American K9 Country’s Doggie Daycare Center.

New Client?  Save time at Check-In. Fill out & Print this form in advance Daycare Registration Form



Doggie Daycare is VITAL to a well socialized & mentally stimulated dog, plus it promotes physical health by means of calorie burn and muscle strengthening! A doggie daycare dog is a healthy dog!

Hours: Monday Thru Friday from 6:30am to 6:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am to 4pm

Freedom: No crating or “nap times.” Dogs are free to roam in & out of the building on their own, as well as able to nap on comfy beds. No crates here!

Tiny Tots: We have a complete separate area for small dogs (under 20lbs) complete with a mini pool and tiny toys!!

Fun: Dogs are free to be DOGS! Playing, running, chasing, digging holes, hiding in tunnels and romping with friends. Your dog WILL go home tired!!

Safety: Our daycare center is FULLY Supervised by dog professionals that are PCSA & Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified. There are THREE trainers with the dogs at ALL times!

Webcams: We have Four LIVE web-cams! Owners are able to watch their pets from home or office! See for yourself that your pet is having a GREAT time!

Facility: We have a LARGE, half acre play area along with two other quarter acre areas to romp & play complete with play structures, pools, tunnels and boulders to climb.

Footing: Soft Pea Stone footing is used since it is easily disinfected & soft on paws.

Pools: We have three pools in the Summer months (May -September). PLUS our 26′ In -ground heated K9 Aquatic Center Pool

Climate Controlled: Our daycare room is FULLY air conditioned & heated.

Shade: There are Two Sun Cabanas for shade & lounging outside.

Cleaning: All cleaning chemicals are “paw-safe” & hospital grade. Bleach is never used for cleaning.

Viewing: Our daycare room is fully surrounded by windows. Owners are able to actually view their pets in our daycare center.


  • $20.00 per day- Full day of Day care
  • $18.50 per day- Full day, 2nd dog, same household
  • $15.00 per 1/2 day-  Half day AM (6:30am-12:00) or PM (1:00- 6:30pm)


Daycare Discount Punch-cards
Great money saver as well as a speedy way to drop off for daycare. Just a quick punch & you’re off!
The best part about these cards is that they not only save you $, but they have NO expiration!!

$189.00- Single Dog 10 Full-Day Visits
$182.00- Multi-Dog 5 Full Day Visits for 2 Dogs living in the same home

Play & Train
  5 training sessions *Note: Fee is for training sessions only, Daily Daycare Fees are additional*

Let us train your dog while they’re here for daycare!!!
Private one-on-one training sessions tailored to your dog’s needs on YOUR schedule! Sessions are broken up into 15-20 minute power training sessions.

Call Ann to sign up (603)672-8448.

 –K9 Fitness Workout Session 30 minutes (land treadmill) $25.00
Package Deal: (3) 30 minute Land Treadmill sessions $60.00

K9 Hydro Fitness Workout Session 30 minutes (AquaPaws Water Treadmill) $50.00

Package Deal: (3) 30 minute AquaPaws Water Treadmill sessions $100.00

Pool Playtime (30min session) $10.00

Package Deal: (11) 30 minute Pool Playtimes $100.00
See our K9 Aquatic Center Page for more information about the exciting new addition of this center

NOTE: All guests will have one-on-one staff supervision during his/her pool or workout session. Plus they will blow dried at the completion of each session when needed. You will receive a report card/status report after each “Fitness Workout” session.


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Wild Wednesday: Wednesdays in “special months” are American K9 Country Doggie Daycare Customer Appreciation Days!! Each Dog Attending daycare on a Wednesday in the “special” designated month will receive a free take home gift.

Next “special” month is: January

Gifts range from: Free Toe Nail Trims, Rawhides, Plush Toys, Bags of Cookies, Pig Ears, Squeaky Balls, Goodie Bags, Free Bath Gift Certificates and MORE!

Punch Card Lottery: All used up Daycare Punchcards will be entered in a Quarterly Drawing to receive a FREE Punchcard! Drawings are made on the first of March, June, September & December. There will be one winner per Quarter.

December’s Winner is:  ????

Our Next Drawing is March 1, 2018!!

Monday March Mayhem: Come Celebrate American K9 Country’s Anniversary Month!! !Every Monday in the month of March the Doggie Daycare Full day rate will be


Vaccines: All dogs must be current on Rabies, DHLP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus), and Bordetella (kennel cough) VaccinesWritten Veterinary validation required- these may be faxed directly to us from your vet (fax: 603-672-8470), emailed to us ( or please bring them with you at drop off.* Titers are allowed for Distemper

Health: Any pet entering the AK9C facility MUST be free of external & internal parasites, use of MONTHLY Topical or Oral Flea/Tick preventative (Frontline, Vectra, Trifexis or Advantix) IS MANDATORY &  a fecal exam every other year is recommended. Flea/Tick Collars are NOT allowed. Any pet found to have fleas while in our care (doggie daycare or boarding) shall be immediately bathed with flea shampoo (at owner’s cost) & then quarantined until the owner can pick-up. Upon pick up, the pet owner will be charged a Parasite fee of $75.00- This fee covers the flea bath & disinfection of all facility areas their pet came in contact with that now must be flea treated. If a pet is found to have parasitic worms (tape, round, hook, giardia etc), that pet shall be immediately quarantined & the pet owner must pickup their pet immediately. Upon pick up, a Parasite Fee of $75.00 shall be charged to the pet owner for disinfection of all facility areas their pet came in contact with that now must be parasite treated. A negative fecal test MUST be presented to Ak9C PRIOR to that animal coming back to our facility.

Spayed/Neutered: All dogs must be Spayed or Neutered if over 8 months of age. We do not allow un-altered adult dogs in doggie daycare.

Collars: All dogs must wear a flat collar. This collar must be identified with their name either by means of a tag or embroidered directly on the collar. No choke, martingale, chain, electronic or pinch collars please.

Dog-Friendly: We ONLY allow dogs that are dog-friendly in our daycare program. If you know your dog is anti-social, please refrain from trying doggie daycare. AK9C will refuse any dog that exhibits ANY signs of aggression or inappropriate behaviors.

Release: We will only release your dog to people listed on your daycare contract, if you know someone new is picking up your dog, please have us add them to your account.

Emergency Care: We require a Mastercard or Visa on file for ALL Boarding & Daycare animals for emergency care purposes

Age: All dogs must be at least 8 weeks of age to join our daycare program
We do not recommend daycare for geriatric dogs.

Reservations: We do not require reservations for doggie daycare, just stop by & drop off

Meals: We do NOT feed daycare dogs. They are free to play all day & often are too busy playing to want a meal.

Personal items: Please do NOT bring any personal items with your pooch to doggie daycare. Most dogs do not like to “share” their toys with friends.

Pick-Up: Daycare dogs MUST be picked up BEFORE 6:30pm on weekdays & prior to 4pm on weekend days. There are NO after hours pick-ups. Any daycare dog that is not picked up PRIOR to closing time shall be boarded for the night & be charged 1 night’s boarding fee.


How does Ak9C deal with Power Outages?
American K9 Country is fortunate to have a monster of a generator that can power our ENTIRE facility with Heat, A/C, Hot & Cold water & ALL lights required to run our facility as “normal”.  We do however loose phone lines off and on, so some credit card processing may be limited. But rest assured, your pets are warm & cozy even when your power is out at home! We are ALWAYS willing to help out when you need a last minute emergency place to board your pet so if our phones are down, just stop by & we will do our best to help out. During storms & power outages up to the hour updates can be found on our Facebook page.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Check, Mastercard or Visa

How do you keep the dogs from fighting?
We are VERY strict as to whom we allow into our doggie daycare program. Only dog-friendly dogs that play with “appropriate” manners are allowed to join the American K9 Country Daycare Program. Plus, our doggie daycare is supervised 100% of the time by trainers that understand dog behavior to prevent any altercations even before they happen.

Can I stay and watch my dog in daycare?
Yes, you are welcome to watch interactions through the windows, but we ask that you DO NOT tap or call your dog’s name as this causes undue stress. The best place to watch your pet is on our website via one of our FOUR webcams, which can even be accessed via a mobile device!

Can my dog wear a Flea Collar?

No, we do not allow flea collars to be worn on dogs in doggie daycare. Most flea collars are toxic if ingested. We do not want dogs licking or biting any part of the toxic chemicals on the collar.

Does my dog need an initial consultation before he comes for daycare?
No, your dog’s first day at daycare is his consultation. Dogs adjust to different surroundings very differently. Some may be jolly and ready to play the minute they step foot in the building, while others may require a few hours to acclimate to our facility before being integrated into the daycare program. After your dog’s first day we will let you know if he/she enjoyed daycare and whether we feel he/she will do well in our program.

How log does it normally take to drop my dog off at daycare?
If you have a punchcard, the drop off process is as simple as walking into the building, handing an employee your lead, they will punch your card and you are off to work in less than two minutes.

Can I leave my dog’s leash for someone else to pick him up?
We do not keep leashes here, as they often grow legs and walk away during the course of the day. But if the person picking up does not have a leash of their own, we will be happy to let them borrow one that you can drop off at your dog’s next visit.

Does my dog have to wear a collar?
Dogs must wear a flat buckle collar while in daycare- this is mandatory. No riveted, spiked or jeweled collars will be allowed. Pinch collars, choke chains, nylon slip collars, electronic fence collars, harnesses, bandannas and halti’s need be removed prior to your dog entering daycare- for obvious safety concerns.

I give all my own Vaccines to my dog. Is this sufficient? No, I’m sorry but we require all vaccines to be given by a licensed veterinarian. Written veterinary validation is required for Kennel Cough, Distemper & Rabies.