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*Now OPEN* American K9 Country is so very excited to announce the NEW addition of our K9 Aquatic & Fitness Center! This center is the first of its kind in New England, where K9 Fitness is the focus. With the growing demands of canine dog sports, it’s getting harder and harder for us to keep our canine athletes fit & in peak condition. American K9 Country has solved this dilemma! Our K9 Aquatic & Fitness Center is complete with a 26′ Resistance K9 Swim Pool, AquaPaws K9 Water Treadmill, Fit Fur Paws Land Treadmill & K9 Fitness Balls. Whether your pooch is a National Agility Champion needing to keep up his athletic physique or whether he’s a trusted family companion that just LOVES to swim, the Ak9C K9 Aquatic Center is the place for him!!

american k9 country Aquatic Center




K9 Fitness Center

The American K9 Country “K9 Fitness Center” is a NEW state of the art facility that includes an AquaPaws Water Treadmill, K9 Land Treadmill & “FitPaws” K9 Fitness equipment. This facility has everything you need to keep your K9 athlete in tip-top condition.

AquaPaws Water Treadmill
American K9 Country now offers K9 fitness sessions in our NEW Hudson Aquatic’s AquaPaws water treadmill. AquaPaws K9 Water Treadmills were designed to improve the lives of k9’s by offering low-impact, high-resistance therapy & workouts for rehabilitation from injury, fitness conditioning, and weight loss. The AquaPaws treadmill is more beneficial than the conventional land-treadmills due to the natural buoyancy, resistance and hydrostatic pressure of water that gives a more rigorous cardiovascular workout with reduced impact and stress on joints.

K9 Fit FUR Paws Land Treadmill

Our land treadmill offers a great way to give your pooch an excellent cardiovascular & calorie burning workout.

K9 FitPaws Fitness Balls & Equipment

Much like human fitness, our K9 athletes benefit greatly from core strength & balance. AK9C has all the necessary thera-ball equipment necessary to make your pooch a fit, balancing K9 guru! For more information regarding “ball-work” & its amazing uses check out the DVD by Debbie Gross of Wizard of Paws “Get on the Ball” & “Get on the Ball TWO”.

Rental Rates

*Initial Visit:  (1) 30 minute session with an AK9C Staff Member  $75.00

Single Visit: (1) 30 minute session $50.00

Package Deal: (3) 30 minute sessions $100.00

*All renters MUST have an Initial visit with an AK9C Staff Member!

These rates include the use of any equipment in the K9 Fitness Room during your 30min rental.

K9 26' Resistance Pool

American K9 Country now offers a 26′ in-ground, heated, jetted, resistance K9 swimming pool! We keep our pool room heated to 75 degrees and our pool heated to 80 degrees to prevent our k9’s from getting a chill or stiff muscles. Plus our pool is a salt system, 100% SAFE for dogs! Our pool is surrounded by soft non-slip K9 Grass-safe for pups to run & play on. The pool itself  has a graduated entrance that goes from 10″ of water to the deepest depth of 50″.

Single Visit: (1) 50 minute session $50.00 or  (1) 30 minute session $30.00

Package Deal: (3) 50 minute sessions $100.00

*Fees include 10 minute use of the Ak9C Bath House for drying your dog after your session, if needed.

Should you choose to bath your dog after his/her pool session, a discounted rate of $10.00 will be charged for full use of the Bath House for 30 minutes.

NOTE: Daycare & Boarding guests will receive a discounted rate when rented in conjunction with either Doggie Daycare or Dog Boarding. Please see the Daycare & Boarding pages for those respective rates.


K9 Aquatic Center Rules:

  • “Session” starts at the time of check-in. Rentals must be paid at time of check-in
  • There will be NO REFUNDS for K9 Aquatic Center or Pool rental fees regardless or reason
  • A damage & liability release as well as a credit card MUST be on file with AK9C Prior to your use of the K9 Aquatic Center
  • You are welcome to bring a guest, but NO ONE under the age of 16 years old is allowed in the Pool room or K9 Fitness center room
  • Any dog that defecates in the pool or water treadmill will incur a $200.00 cleaning charge billed directly to owner’s credit card on file
  • NO Blow drying of dogs in the pool room or K9 Fitness Center- only the Bath House.
  • Damages made by you, your guests &/or your dog will be charged directly to your credit card on file.
  • Dogs CANNOT be left unattended in the Pool room or K9 Fitness Room- EVER!
  • Dogs cannot be left unattended in/on any piece of equipment in the K9 Fitness Room
  • NO HUMANS in the Pool, Water Treadmill or on the Land Treadmill
  • NO Lifeguard on duty! Dogs swim at their own risk!
  • Owners use equipment in the K9 Fitness room “at their own risk!”