Our pet classes are designed to be progressive.  Therefore, completion of each level
is required before continuing on to the next one, with the exception of the S.T.A.R. Puppy.
Note: Owners may elect to skip the STAR Puppy if they prefer to proceed directly to the Basic Pet, but the STAR Puppy is STRONGLY recommended for puppies 8wks-6months.


S.T.A.R Puppy Kindergarten:

1 hour a week for 6 weeks, $150
This class your puppy will train & earn
their AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Certificate
Puppies ages 8 weeks- 5 months

  • This class is a precursor to our Basic Pet Program.
  • Each class starts with a puppy play session.
  • This allows them to socialize and play with other puppies and
    new people in a structured environment. Bring the whole family!
  • This class is recognized by the American Kennel Club & integrates
    Socialization, Training, Activity, & Responsibility, both puppy &
    owner must pass the test to become a certified AKC STAR Puppy.
  • Puppies are taught fun recall games, sit, stay & down.
  • All training in this class is fun & motivational with lots of treats & games!
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Taught by Ann Tremblay.

Basic Pet Program:

1 hour a week for 7 weeks, $160.00
includes a Lupine Training Leash, training collar &
AK9C Basic Pet Training Program Packet.

  • Your dog will come with distractions!!!
  • Your dog will stay put in either a sit or stay with distractions!
  • Your dog will walk on a loose lead by your side!
  • Your dog will also wait by the door and stop jumping on guests and family.
  • This program also addresses behavioral issues such as
    chewing, barking, house training, etc.
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  • Class registration form (Download & bring to week one class)

Our Fun & Motivational classes require one happy untrained dog and soft easy to eat treats!

AKC Canine Good Citizen:

1 hour a week for 7 weeks, $150.00
Your dog will train for their
What is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate?

  • Advanced “good pet” control with more distractions!
  • Advanced work with out-of-sight stays!
  • Much more control around other dogs and new situations!
  • Real life training for real life situations!
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AKC Community Canine:

1 hour a week for 7 weeks, $150.00

  • This class is the continuation of the AKC Canine Good Citizen course.
  • Done in “real world” environments; outdoors, parking lots, crowded areas with LOTS of distractions
  • Per AKC regulations all dogs must be AKC Registered to receive their AKC Community Canine Certificate
  • Per AKC regualtions all dogs must have previously received their AKC CGC to receive their Community Canine Certificate
  • NOTE: Non AKC registered dogs may take this course, but will not be eligible through the American Kennel Club’s certification program
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Clicker Unleashed Program:

1 hour a week for 7 weeks, $140.00
This class is for OFF LEAD control!

  • Your dog will learn to play with other dogs and come every time!
  • Your dog will come off lead with HEAVY distractions!
  • Your dog will learn the Down command from 20-30 feet away!
  • Longer out-of-sight stays with other dogs around!
  • Jumping  jumps!    Running drops!   Going through tunnels!
  • Clicker tricks & Target Training!
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Focus for Fido Course:

1 hour a week for 6 weeks, $140.00

This class is designed for pet owners that want a higher level of attention & commitment from their dogs. We focus on stay, with-me & come off lead with”real-life” distractions. This class is taught both indoors & outdoors to gain even more  control.

Tricks-Level 1:

1 Hour a Week for 6 weeks, $135.00

Teaching your dog to do a tricks is a great way to further open up the lines of communication between dog & handler.  The process it takes to teach a dog a trick, is where the magic happens. You will see your relationship with your dog greatly improve through teaching them behaviors just because, its fun!   In this class, we will cover the different methods of teaching tricks and using those techniques we will cover; Touch, Spin, Twirl, Wave (both paws) Roll Over, Weave (through legs,) Peek a Boo and Play Dead. To attend this class,  dogs should have taken our Basic, CGC & Clicker Unleashed Programs. This class runs for 1 hour a week for 6 weeks & is taught by Louise.

K9 Nose Work:

What is Nose Work??

Nose work was inspired by working detection dogs such as: search & rescue dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, drug dogs etc. K9 Nose Work is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people. This new sport is easy to learn & builds dogs’ confidence and focus while also providing a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise. ANY dog & handler can do nose work! Reactive dogs, handicapped dogs, older dogs- ANYONE!

K9 Nose Work is easy to teach & can be practiced in your own home! It starts with getting your dog excited about using his nose to seek out his favorite toy or treat hidden in one of several boxes, expanding the game to entire rooms, exterior areas, and vehicles. As your dog grows more confident with his nose, target odors are introduced, and competition skills are taught. Our Nose Work classes are taught for 1 hour a week for 6 weeks & are instructed by Louise Daigle *Note: Dogs not actively working will be crated while each dog works the boxes.

Introduction to Nose Work: Mondays @ 4pm; $135.00

Nose Work I: Odors, Mondays @ 5:15pm; $145.00

Nosework II:  Continuing Odors, Mondays @ 6:30pm; $155.00

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Behavioral Consultations:

American K9 Country offers private behavioral consultations for dogs that need one-on-one
training for a variety of issues, such as:

  • Aggression towards humans and/or dogs
  • General Unruliness
  • Coming when called (Off Lead Recall)
  • Anxiety
  • Fearfulness
  • Anti-social Behavior

Consultations typically last about 60 minutes. Our trainers will evaluate your dog and discuss your concerns to determine realistic positive goals. We will give you the techniques & tools to communicate more clearly with your dog. All training is done with fair, motivative techniques. Most issues can be resolved in one to two visits depending on the severity of the issue.
Behavioral Consultations are given by Ann Tremblay: $100.00/ hour
Off Lead Recall Consultations are given by Linda McHugh Fee: $100.00/ hour
Please email or call 603-672-8448 for more information.