Rally is a fun new sport that was designed by the American Kennel Club as a stepping stone from pet obedience to competitive obedience & agility. A Rally course consists of a series of 10-20 stations where the dog & handler team must perform various stations. Rally was designed to be fun & motivational while at the same time increasing teamwork and communication. American K9 Country offers classes in all levels of Rally. Whether you are a new comer to the sport or an experienced handler looking to train in a new facility, American K9 Country’s Rally program is fun & exciting for both dog & handler.  Feel free to come by anytime to observe a class & see for yourself why American K9 Country is “Pawsitively the best doggone place around!”


Beginner Rally Class:

Class consists of 1 hour a week for 6 weeks, $140
This class is a fun way to increase your dog’s ability to work with you as a team as well a way for you to gain more control in new situations. All dogs attending this class MUST have basic manners and have gone through the American K9 Country Basic Pet & Canine Good Citizen Programs.This course will familiarize you with all the Novice signs & how to perform them properly. Each handler will receive a Rally packet with all the signs & their descriptions.
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Intermediate/Advanced Rally:

Class Cards consist of 6 one hour classes, $125
These classes are the continuation of the Beginner Rally class. Dog & Handler teams will learn to perform Advanced & Excellent Rally signs. We offer several Intermediate/Advanced Rally classes each week. These classes are run in a “Drop-In” fashion. No need to sign up ahead of time, just purchase a class card from our office & check our schedule page for the Rally class time that suits your schedule. Due to the on-going nature of this class, students must have either taken a Beginner Rally class here at American K9 Country or have previously achieved their AKC Rally Novice title.
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Private Lessons:

Kathan Kennedy- 603-472-7282
Ann Tremblay- 603-672-8448